The coast Radio Station “Varna-Radio” is a National Marine Communications Operator providing radio- and communication services to ships, regardless of ship’s geographical area of navigation, and carrying out marine radio communications and voice communications for enhancing the safety of navigation and safety of life at sea, in force of an International Treaty to which Republic of Bulgaria is a party. In compliance with these international obligations “Varna Radio” is a maritime coast radio station fulfilling all the functional requirements of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System - GMDSS Sea Area A1 (covering VHF radio frequencies) and GMDSS Sea Area A2 (covering MF radio frequencies), as follows:

  • Providing a continuous watchkeeping and resources for receiving a distress call from a ship (Distress Alert) at Sea Area A1 and Sea Area A2, as well as providing a continuous communication with coastal organizations and their rescue ships, bound up in Search and Rescue – SAR during real distress situation at sea and during SAR operations;
  • Broadcasting of Maritime Safety Information – MSI on VHF radiotelephony channel, on HF radiotelephony channel and on HF radiotelex on internationally acknowledged and allocated in National Radio Frequency Spectrum radio channels, published in all Radio Regulations documents of Intermational Telecommunication Union (ITU). Implementing the GMDSS functional requirements, “Varna Radio” is part of the International system for dissemination of local Maritime Safety Information – MSI on MF, called NAVTEX. “Varna Radio” serves as a National NAVTEX Coordinator broadcasting safety information, navigational warnings, hydro-meteorological information, SAR messages and urgency messages related to safety of Life at Sea. “Varna Radio” transmits NAVTEX information on behalf of Romania as well;
  • Providing a radiotelephone communication between ships and terrestrial public networks (fixed or mobile subscribers);
  • Providing a radio communication with small vessels and boats, not carrying any GMDSS equipment on board, and assisting the radio communication with them and between them;