The city of Burgas is located on the Black sea coast, in Burgas Bay, over a flat plain, known as Burgas slab. The average height is 17m above sea level. The climate in Burgas is moderate continental, clearly maritime. Usually, the summer is pleasant and fresh due to the constant breeze there. In the summer the average day temperature is 26.4 ° С, and the average sea water temperature is 24.7 ° С. The sunny days in the summer are between 24 and 27 in a month, and the average sunshine is 10-11 hours per day. The winter is mild, mainly without snowfalls. In the winter the average temperature is 4.6 ° С, and the average sea water temperature is 7.4 ° С. Due to the maritime climate, the autumn is prolonged and warmer than in the inland areas, while the spring is rather cold and comes one month later.