Requests for pilotage are submitted to the Manoeuvre planning information system in maritime ports (MOVER). Ship’s terminal, the towage and mooring companies, the dangerous cargo on board (if there is such), and the presence of "gas free" certificate for oil tankers are filled in the request. 

The port operator is obliged to prepare the quay for the permitted manoeuver and shall place the necessary technical machinery of the quay equipment on such places as not to obstruct the manoeuvring and should indicate the position of the bow and the stern or the manifold where a tanker ship is concerned, upon the arrival manoeuver or shifting of the vessel.

Pilotage is mandatory for vessels over 100 GT.

Pilotage services: Using pilotage services is mandatory for ships with a draught over 13,50 m. The access point for the pilot’s embarkation is with coordinates: Lat = 42°29'0 N /Lon = 027°39'0 E. A 24-hours’ and 12-hours’ notice is necessary.

Requests for mandatory pilotage should be submitted:

 - for ships with a draught up to 13,50 m – not later than 2 h before the beginning of the manoeuvring or the arrival of the ship at the access point with coordinates: Lat = 42°28'5N /Lon = 27°32'0 E;

 - for ships with draught over 13,50 m, or ships to which Rule 11 (c) of Chapter I of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974 refers – not later than 4 h prior to the beginning of the manoeuvring or the arrival of the ship at an access point with coordinates Lat = 42°29'0 N / Long = 27°39'0 E; the pilotage is mandatory both upon entry into the port and for stay at anchorage;

 - Port Nessebar, including the stay at anchorage – not later than 6 h before the beginning of the manoeuvre or the arrival of the ship at the access point at a distance of 2 nautical miles southwest of cape Emine after the ship has left the traffic separation scheme;

 - other ports within the pilotage area - not later than 6 h prior to the entry or exit manoeuvring of the ship.

 - In cases of inability of the pilot to embark on or disembark from the ship due to unfavourable hydro-meteorological conditions at the places determined at par.3, the pilot may request from the ship master to steer the ship to a safe place, as the on-duty operator of the Vessel Traffic Management and Information System should also be notified about such a decision.

- Any vessel wishing to use a pilot for non-mandatory deep sea pilotage or pilotage between ports, should submit through their agents a 24-hour prior notice and 12-hour final notice before their arrival at the determined access point to Pilot's Station – Burgas.